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Thank you for visting our site. SALON TECHNOLOGIES INTERNATIONAL INC is based out of beautiful Orlando, Florida. We provide exclusive natural skin care products for Doctors, Dermatologists, Medical Spas, Salons, and other licensed professionals. Our Company has over 22 years of experience in the skin care industry, and encompasses a full research & development lab with an FDA approved facility using GMP procedures, a full-time pharmacist, a highly qualified analytical chemist dedicated to research & development, and a team of specialists who perform microbiological, stability, and other quality control tests throughout the production process. We also provide services for Graphic Arts, Education, and Sales & Marketing.

Testing procedures never incorporate the use of animals, nor do any of our products contain raw materials derived from animal sources.

Our dedication of personal service to you includes complete Product Education, Guided Demonstrations at your convenience via telephone, internet, on-site training at your location, or in-house training at our Main Office in beautiful Orlando, Florida.

Please continue to browse our website to view pictures of our products along with detailed information on their descriptions, directions, and ingredients.

We hope that you find this website useful and informative. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have as well as for personal guidance.





Q & A

What are the advantages of having my own Private Label products?
Because in these days, image matters. By creating an Upscale Image and making a statement ~ you can now offer your clients and service providers exclusive products they cannot receive anywhere else.

You will no longer be restrained by strict contracts and expectations that other product lines insist upon.

Your clients develop respect for these products as your own line of an exclusive brand, and you will have your OWN control over the products. Choose any of our products, at any time and reorder as you wish. Keep control of your own price level & inventory, feature your favorite products, offer special promotional rates, mix & match gift sets, and more ~ just the way you choose to promote the products. We will never restrict your artistic selling techniques.


With the quality of our products, the flexibility of purchasing, the personalized customer service & support we provide, along with the
excitement of having your own brand, there is nothing you would lose with the opportunity to carry your own name on the products over carrying every-day, already-known product lines.

Why choose our Company?
With hundreds of different products out on the market today, it may seem so confusing. Our natural, proven ingredients have been around for centuries and will always remain the most effective in the simplest form with the enhancement of new technology. Pure. Proven. Effective. Simple.

Why is it so easy?
Why should it be hard? Ordering is easy because we have incorporated all aspects and costs of the private labeling process into our prices to keep things simple for you. All you have to do is select your desired products, choose your favorite packaging style for the products, and fill out the easy to follow Order Form, that's it!







































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